Gays and the Gospel
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11 Scriptural Reasons Latter-day Saints should Support Marriage Equality  

Not good to be alone

“In the beginning… the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone”
(Genesis 1:1; 2:18)

For those who truly believe God’s words, this declaration alone should end the marriage debate. God does not want any of His children to be alone – Gay, Straight, male or female. Do we believe these words of God enough to open the way so millions of God’s Gay and Lesbian children can enjoy the emotional, physical and spiritual blessings of committing to a “help meet” in marriage? Our LDS Bible defines “help meet” as “a helper suited to, worthy of, or corresponding to him” (see Gen. 2:18 footnote b).  Many divorces and broken families have proven that a Straight person is not the best suited “help meet” for a Gay person and vice-a-versa. Many long lasting, happy, successful relationships among Gay couples as well as Straight couples have shown that love, commitment and a genuine desire to share life together are far more important than gender or tradition in successful marriage.