Gays and the Gospel
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11 Scriptural Reasons Latter-day Saints should Support Marriage Equality  

Do Good To All

Our 13th Article of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints states: "We believe… in doing good to all men..."

Do we believe “all men” includes our Gay and Lesbian neighbors? Are we doing good to them when we legislatively take away their freedom to marry and live according to their religious beliefs and conscience? Are we doing good to them when we support laws that deprive them and their families the same rights, protections and benefits our families enjoy? Since we Latter-day Saints believe marriage and family are good and cherished blessing and are vital to society, personal happiness and well being; why would any true Christian seek to deny millions of God’s children these wonderful blessings?

Prop 8 and similar marriage laws not only deny Gods’ Gay and Lesbian children the right to marry and all the state and federal benefits that come with marriage, but they take away the best, healthiest, most stable choice our Gay and Lesbian neighbors and loved ones could make thereby promoting stereotypical unstable, unhealthy, promiscuous lifestyles. How is that “doing good to” them?

If you were told since childhood that you would never be allowed to fulfill your dream of a truly loving marriage and family, what impact would that have on your life?  What impact would that have on an entire group, nation, people, or kindred? If “Straight marriage” were forbidden by law do you believe that “the Straight lifestyle” would be any different than the perceived stereotypical “Gay lifestyle”?