Gays and the Gospel
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How has LDS Church support of Prop 8 affected you and your family?

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We understand this is a sensitive issue for many. We encourage you to provide us with your name and where you are from, to show others that this issue affects many throughout the world. However, we respect your privacy if you do not wish to make some or all of these details public. If you wish to mask parts of your comment, please select a filter option:
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  The Savior taught an important principle which helps us learn if something is good or bad - “by their fruits ye shall know them” (3 Ne. 14:20; Matt. 7:20).

The key purpose of this comment area is to promote understanding. Please help those who oppose this cause more clearly understand the very real, though perhaps unintended, fruits or often damaging consequences of actions and statements regarding God’s GLBT children.

We encourage honest and enlightening comments which describe the personal spiritual, emotional, religious, social or physical impact of this or other similar Church campaigns and statements against God’s Gay and Lesbian children. Other forms of expression such as poetry, art, music, song, theatre, film, video etc. are also encouraged.